White Crane Aquatic Plants Co., Ltd., we are the exporter of aquatic plants for over 30 years with more than 200 species of aquatic plants in our 20 acres cultivated area, where located on the Suwintawong Road, Chacheongsoa province. With thirty years experience, it made us have an expertise in aquatic plant for both domestic market and exporting to foreign countries. We made to order according to all customer needs...
815 Cabomba aquatica(POT) 833 Echinodorus paniculatus 836-1 Limnophila heterophylla(POT)
838 Hygrophila difformis 839-1 Hygrophila rosanervis(POT).JPG 887 Vallisneria americana
890-1 Vesicularia south america 907 Ludwigia natans 917 Ammania gracilis